All About Dizziness in Seniors

Dizziness in older people is common. It has always been a major concern as seniors are already prone to falling even without getting dizzy. As a company that values high-quality home care in Vancouver, British Columbia, let us share with you everything that we know about dizziness in seniors.

Dizziness is when you are feeling woozy, faint, light-headed, unsteady, or weak. It creates a sensation called vertigo wherein you think that your surroundings are moving or spinning.

The common cause of dizziness in the elderly is vestibular dysfunction. It may also be a symptom of certain health conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease. It may also be due to anemia, dehydration, hypoglycemia, anxiety, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Treatments for dizziness include medications like water pills, anti-anxiety meds, preventive meds for migraine, prescription antihistamines, and anticholinergics. You can also try therapies like balance therapy, psychotherapy, and head position maneuvers. Surgeries can also be done like injections and removal of the inner sense organ.

Dizziness often does not require immediate medical attention but if it becomes recurrent, severe, prolonged, or sudden, inform your doctor, family members, and caregiver in your home health care in Vancouver.

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