How Palliative Care Can Help Seniors

Palliative care is designed for individuals with serious medical conditions focused on relieving their stress, pain, discomfort, or other symptoms. A provider of home care in Vancouver, British Columbia lists down how the elderly can benefit from this type of care:

  1. Effective pain management

    Older adults often have aches, discomforts, and pain brought by their health conditions. These are all addressed by the palliative specialists at a senior home care in Vancouver who are trained and experienced at symptom control and pain management.

  2. Coping strategies for side effects

    For older adults, instead of their medical treatment curing or reversing their illness, it may only likely let them feel the side effects. A home health care in Vancouver helps seniors and family caregivers cope with the treatments’ side effects, putting their fears and stress at bay.

  3. Consultation for difficult medical decisions

    The physician from a provider of home care services in Vancouver can take time to discuss the pros and cons of different treatment options and answer the patients’ and their families’ inquiries or concerns. This gives the elderly and their caregivers more control as they have a better understanding of their treatment choices.

  4. Increased medical tolerance

    By relieving the symptoms, palliative care, overall, helps improve the patients’ tolerance to medical treatments or even enable them to recover.

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