The Importance of Medication Compliance and Adherence

Medications help a lot of patients in managing their conditions and lessen their symptoms. However, when one takes his pills carelessly or skips doses, they may not be as effective, or worse, have an adverse effect in the long run. And as much as doctors and your senior home care in Vancouver wanted to treat you with your disease, there will come a time when these medicines will no longer work, especially antibiotics.

So how can providers of home care in Vancouver, British Columbia help seniors in taking their medicines?

  1. Caregivers may do the medication administration when an elder finds it a challenge.
  2. Set the alarm at the exact time of medication intake.
  3. Make sure that the senior patient takes the right dosage.

Following the medication, according to prescription, is a must. Some elders may tend to be forgetful, hardheaded, or negligent, or show disbelief in the medicines prescribed for them, and that is why they would need assistance from a provider of home health care in Vancouver. Your participation as family members would be of great help too in maintaining the wellness of your elderly loved ones.

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