Making Sure Your Elderly Parent Is Safe at Home

Safety is and should always be a top priority when it comes to deciding the best way to provide care for your elderly parent. Especially if your senior loved one would like to stay at home and receive care from there, it becomes absolutely necessary to make changes to the home and ensure it becomes a safe environment for them.`

When looking for a provider of Senior Home Care in Vancouver, two important home care services that help protect your loved one from untoward harm and accidents are homemaking and personal care.

Now these two may not seem like game-changers for your parent’s safety at first, but let’s take a closer look:

Homemaking – How does it affect safety?

Your elderly parent will be spending the majority of their time at home, where there are all sorts of hazards that could put them in danger! To name a few:

  1. Unkempt floors

    They could step on items that should not be there and end up hurting themselves or step on a loose rug that could cause them to slip.

  2. Poorly-lit halls and rooms

    With eyesight not being as sharp as it was before, your parent could injure themselves when navigating a dark part of the house.

  3. Strenuous maintenance chores

    Your parent can also hurt themselves trying to do chores on their own.

Having an aide take care of doing some homemaking and light maintenance of the house to ensure your parent doesn’t get injured or suffer any falls can make a huge difference in safety!

What about personal care?

Even when taking care of their own personal hygiene, your senior is also exposed to hazards – many of which may not be immediately seen or realized, such as:

  1. Improperly-cleaned dentures that can lead to bacteria growth, which can cause various health problems.
  2. Not drying the skin enough or properly after a bath or a wash, which can harm the skin especially if your parent is usually confined to a bed or a chair.
  3. Slipping during a bath if your parent isn’t supervised or assisted.

As your parent ages, it may become more and more challenging for them to properly look out for themselves and make sure everything is being done right with their daily hygiene. Oversights and less regard for thoroughness can build up and eventually harm your loved one if they don’t have a care professional to help.

At Peachtacular Home Health Care, we give utmost importance to delivering quality one-on-one personal care, and we truly think that personalized care is key to making sure your loved one is not only safe at all times but properly and compassionately cared for.

If you are searching for just the right provider of Home Health Care in Vancouver, BC, we are who you’re looking for. Call us today to set an appointment!

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