How to Create a Safer Home Environment

The comforts of our home make for the best day of relaxation. It’s where we always feel most secure, so that’s why we may think that nothing dangerous can happen inside the house.

Unfortunately, as we age, we become frailer and more susceptible to accidents inside our homes. And when that time comes, our house won’t be as secure as it once was, forcing us to transfer to a nursing home or care home and receive care.

However, staying at home is an option with our dependable home care Vancouver services. With our caregivers, not only can they help your elderly loved ones with their daily tasks but also guarantee their safety through their expertise.

When our experts are on the job, they will take precautions to keep your loved ones and your family safe by doing the following:

  • Removing potential fall hazards from hallways and other crowded house areas, such as clutter, electrical cords, low tables, loose rugs, children’s toys, and more
  • Making sure the bed, couch, and dining room furniture are all in working order, mending any that aren’t, and replacing them if necessary
  • Adding and securing non-slip mats in high-risk areas (such as rooms with tiled floors, bathrooms, and entryways)
  • Ensuring enough light in every room by installing additional lighting and opening lamps in the house at night

When your loved ones require more at home care, you can count on us at Peachtacular Home Health Care to meet their needs and preferences and reassure you they will be in good hands with our devoted care staff and high-quality services.

To learn more about our available senior home care services, contact us at 1-778-859-2695 or email us at

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