Can the Elderly Benefit From Eating Eggs Regularly?


One of the concerns for elderly adults receiving home health care in Vancouver is the choice of food to add to their meal plans. Elders need a lot of nutrition to support their health and well-being, and their diet is crucial to achieving their wellness goals at their age.

Because meal planning falls under the purview of providers of senior home care in Vancouver, caregivers need to know what foods are healthy and what food items are not recommended for elders to eat. Now, can eggs be added to an elderly adult’s meal plans regularly?

The answer is: “Yes.”

According to experts, eating eggs regularly does not effect on a person’s blood cholesterol levels. In fact, eggs provide 398 milligrams of dietary cholesterol, which the body needs in the production of cell membranes, bile, hormones, and Vitamin D.

Home care services in Vancouver will be delighted to know that eggs also provide a lot of important nutrients. There are 13 nutrients in total that can be absorbed from eggs, including Vitamin D, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

If you’re thinking of including eggs in your patient’s diet plans, feel free to do so. Make sure, however, that is adequately cooked, and is served together with other healthy foods like fruits, low dairy items, lean meat, and others.

If you need home care in Vancouver, British Columbia, don’t hesitate to contact Peachtacular Home health Care. We’ll answer any questions you may have about home care.

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