Taking Good Care Of A Loved One With Dementia


Taking care of a loved one with dementia may seem like a very frustrating task that can get emotional at times. Dementia is the broad definition of the deterioration of a person’s mental abilities, and as their condition gradually worsens it can terribly get in the way of their daily activities.

We understand that families who are the primary caregivers of their loved ones with dementia need to have extra patience and understanding with their senior loved ones because the memory loss that takes over them is out of their control.

  1. Ensure Good Nutrition

    Seniors may often find it hard to develop an appetite for all the meals you serve them and it may require a whole lot of creativity from you just so you can get them to eat. You can give them sweet treats every now and then, just be sure that you take into consideration all other health factors that they may be diagnosed with, like diabetes for example. Get creative and give them different types of food in good moderation and make sure that they also stay hydrated throughout the day. It can get challenging, just keep going and know that our Home Care Services in Vancouver are available to give you a hand in taking care of your senior loved ones.

  2. Provide Quality Leisure Time

    Make sure that you also provide them with quality leisure time like a good afternoon stroll through the neighborhood, or an easy time at an ice cream parlor. You can even just sit next to them as you watch a movie with them, although they may want to watch the same movie over and over, in the bigger picture that is okay. They find comfort in knowing they are watching something they are already familiar with. But again, carefully take into consideration all the activities that will not frighten or confuse them when you take them outside. Hold their hand, stay close to them and say calming words that will put them at ease.

  3. Show Them You Care

    Your presence and being with them is already a basic sign that you care for them. Caring for your loved ones does not necessarily mean that you have to hover over them 24/7. What it essentially means is that you can take care of what they need, even when you are not around. For times that you cannot be there to take care of them, you can have our Senior Home Care in Vancouver to take on the responsibility of watching over them and being their caring companion. Everyone needs to take a break, and that also includes you. So take your time to recharge yourself so you can continue to be there for them, too.

Families need to know that caring for a loved one with dementia does not need to be a tough and lonesome journey. They just need to take a break and learn how they can get the necessary help they can get for their aging family members.

To know more about dementia care and our senior homecare services, call us at Peachtacular Home Health Care and take advantage of our free homecare assessment.

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