Mind-Stimulating Activities for People with Dementia

A family home caregiver caring for an elderly loved one with dementia may always try their best to establish a connection with those receiving their care.

The gradual deterioration of memory and cognitive abilities caused by these diseases can make it difficult for people with dementia to express themselves or make sense of their environment.

That’s why it’s essential, especially for people with dementia, to keep their minds active and engaged. They may be able to delay the onset of some of the disease’s symptoms if they do mind-stimulating activities daily.

While providing care at home services, consider the following routines to boost their spirits and give them a sense of independence over their daily lives:

  • Browsing through old photo albums

Remembering the past can be an extremely effective mental exercise. Slowly flip through the photos with your loved one and ask about specific people or events, offering hints if necessary.

  • Playing board games

Games of strategy like chess and checkers require players to use their imagination and recall past moves to win. They may do this with their immediate family members or those providing at home care.

  • Reading or listening to stories

Take some time to cuddle up with your loved one and read aloud a selection from one of their favorite books, magazines, or newspapers. This activity could be an excellent way to encourage their creativity and give them a sense of comfort.

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