Encouraging Better and Healthy Eating Habits in Seniors


Seniors often skip meals or eat unhealthy because they find it too tiresome to cook for themselves, or they don’t have the same appetite as they used to. As a provider of Senior Home Care in Vancouver, we have had several clients who often opted to get takeout meals or skip meals altogether because they don’t have the appetite.

This is why we prioritize senior nutrition in our Home Care Services in Vancouver. Here are some tips to encourage them to eat healthily:

  1. Develop a meal plan that incorporates their preferences.

    Having meals they want will increase the chance of them actually eating the food. You can also get an idea of how to supplement or replace an ingredient to make a meal more nutritious.

  2. Introduce new recipes to add excitement and anticipation.

    Instead of having the same dish five times a week every week, add a new recipe that they have not yet tried.

  3. Practice meal prepping.

    Undercook and label pre-cooked meals. Store them properly to preserve nutrition and flavor. They can then reheat this food later on when it is time to eat.

  4. Eat together as much as possible.

    When possible, eat with them for company and socialization.

Are you worried that your senior loved one is not getting enough care while you are away? You may benefit from Home Care in Vancouver, British Columbia. We, at Peachtacular Home Health Care, can provide you with personalized health care services.

We offer Home Health Care in Vancouver, including services such as senior care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, disability care, and housekeeping.

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