Care Tips for Bedridden Patients

Caring for a loved one who is bedridden can require a lot of resources – attention, assistance, and other forms of support. Our Care At Home Services has your back. We can help take care of your loved one and share some tasks with the rest of the family. Together, we can provide quality care without compromising the health of the care providers.

Meanwhile, here are some tips when taking care of a bedridden loved one.

  1. Focus on good hygiene and grooming.
    Hygiene remains an important element in health and safety, but doing so in a limited position can be challenging. Our care providers are trained to provide personal care for patients who stay in the bed. Grooming is also important not just for hygiene but for confidence as well.
  2. Be wary of bedsores.
    Bedsores happen when the constant pressure against a part of our body causes our skin to give up. Pressure sores can be found anywhere, especially the parts with constant pressure on a surface. When taking care of a loved one, our eyes must check for any signs of bedsores and ensure their bodies are moved from time to time.

Your future provider of Home Health Care Vancouver is here to help you and your loved one.

We provide reliable Home Care Assistance to achieve a good Care Home for our clients and their families.

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